Gore Wear

Newark, DE

We are a team of athletes and scientists working together, always searching for ways to improve. We understand the range of conditions, the velocity of change, and their effects on endurance performance. We build, test, and refine designs to be versatile, functional, and meaningful. We are curious, capable, and committed to enhancing your experiences – whatever conditions or challenges are ahead. Face the realities of changing weather and seasons with our modular systems. Our lightweight, durable, breathable designs include smart material mapping and functional details that provide precise and adaptable coverage for more versatility. There’s no reason for weather changes to prevent you from getting outside and enjoying something you love. We strongly identify with the endurance mindset and share values with the greater goal-driven community. We connect with incrementalist values and those who view life as an everlasting pursuit of expansion. Every small gain eventually turns into holistic self-improvement. We strive together with those who find ways to keep on going, committed to their goals – no matter how big or small. They realize every step, stroke, and stride fuels the mind, body, and soul.

Explore. Endure. Evolve.

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