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After Working With Lil Wayne, Designer Debuts CWBY Studios
Apparel News - 07/09/2020
Mike Morris helped shape the sartorial style of Lil Wayne and the designer is now based in Los Angeles, where he recently launched CWBY Studios, a new collection that is made locally in the city.
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SportsOneSource Transitions to SGB Media
Sports One Source - 07/21/2016
New site brings entire scope and depth of SGB Media content ? including SGB Updates, SGB Today, SGB Magazine and SGB Executive ? to one place on a modern and mobile-adaptive platform. ...
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Northwest Sales Agency Adds RVCA to Portfolio
Shop-Eat-Surf - 07/08/2020
Northwest Road Reps aims to implement their experience in the region to expand RVCA’s categories, business channels, and reach.
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Exploring New Mountains with Paralympian Snowboarder Brittani Coury
Transworld Business - 10/02/2019

Whether you ski, snowboard, ride one of those goofy snow bikes — exploring a new mountain is always a thrill, and that’s no different for adaptive athletes. Brittani Coury, the 2018 Winter Paralympic silver medalist in banked slalom, trains all year at Snowbird, and rarely gets the opportunity to ride the world-class mountains nearby. Last Read More

The post Exploring New Mountains wi...

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Cynthia Cook Brides, David Yurman & Vogue Celebrate Weddings
Vogue - 04/10/2017

Cynthia Cook Smith hosted 15 brides-to-be at the David Yurman boutique in Beverly Hills to showcase the wedding jewelry collection. Guests tried on pieces from three vignettes of jewelry and got advice from Cynthia on how to style for their upcoming wedding day.  

The post Cynthia Cook Brides, David Yurman & Vogue Celebrate Weddings appeared first on Vogue.

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Global Fashion Group Shares Fall After Stock Market Debut
Investor demand fell short of the e-commerce group's expectations, with share sales only raising half of the target amount.
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From Field to Shelf - How the apparel industry can become exceptional
Just-Style - 06/29/2020
As disheartened members of this supply chain, and as optimistic consumers, we commit to being part of the 20% - the minority demanding and developing, launching, and implementing new and sustainable innovations and standards up and down the supply chain. By Robert Antoshak, managing director of Olah Inc, and April Kappler, consultant to the cotton and textile supply chain.
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19 Canadian Podcasts to Download and Listen to Right Now
Fashion - 07/08/2020

Check out the best Canadian podcasts on topics like beauty, wellness, fashion, music, pop culture, mental health and more.

The post 19 Canadian Podcasts to Download and Listen to Right Now appeared first on FASHION Magazine.

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If you haven?t Ditched your Sweats yet Now?s the Time
Style Report - 07/08/2020

Shorts for the style win.

The post If you haven’t Ditched your Sweats yet Now’s the Time appeared first on STYLE REPORT MAGAZINE.

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How to Demand Justice for George Floyd and Support Anti-Racism Efforts
InStyle - 06/01/2020
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The North Face Recruits Top Athletes to Lead Virtual Interactive Two-Week Camp
WWD - 07/09/2020
Summer camp is not happening this year for many would-be campers, due to COVID-19 concerns.
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Nausea After Working Out: How to Soothe Your Stomach After Exercising
Self Magazine - 07/09/2020
Nausea after working out is a common problem, especially after intense exercise. Here's what you can do to feel better, fast.
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