Maui and Sons

Malibu, CA

Stoked on his family's home-made chocolate chip cookies, Jeff Yokoyama (aka Yoki) was inspired to spread joy across the island of Maui through the family recipe. When the journey took an interesting turn, Yoki embarked on a new adventure and took the famed cookie logo designed by friend and fellow surfer Rick Rietveld along for the ride. They traveled to sunny California where they decided to pour their energy into their passion, turning to action sports apparel.

Yoki placed the cookie logo where he was told he couldn't - the back pocket - and the innovative Maui and Sons madras surf short was an instant success. Maui and Sons evolved into a globally celebrated active sports company, and quickly became known as the legendary surf and lifestyle brand it is today. As the young company continued to follow its intuition instead of the rules, it continued to grow. Focusing on marketing their products to Southern California surf shops and local high schools, a following emerged, and the brand became a beloved staple across the sunny beaches and skateparks of SoCal.

As the 80's rolled into the 90's and beyond, it continued to grow through innovative designs, impactful graphics, memorable artwork-based advertisements, and an exciting color palette - now the mold for activewear brands worldwide. 40+ years later, you'll find the Maui and Sons cookie logo on beaches, skateparks, lakes, mountains, and backyard barbecues all over the world— worn by people who cultivate harmony in their lives by pairing an active lifestyle with gratitude for the joys provided by mother nature.

We'll see you out there.


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