Carlsbad, CA

prAna is Sanskrit for breath, life and vitality of the spirit. This ancient word holds great meaning for us, and so we borrowed it for our name. It lifts our aspirations and helps guide our actions towards becoming an evermore socially mindful and environmentally sustainable organization.

In 1992, Beaver Theodosakis and his wife Pam started prAna in their garage in Carlsbad, California, and remain involved to this day. Together, they built prAna slowly and with purpose, taking care to limit the size of its footprint. They sewed the first pieces themselves and labeled them with tags from homemade recycled paper. The clothes were originally shipped in fruit boxes they gathered from the local grocery store.

prAna is still based in Carlsbad, and though we’ve grown, we continue to live and nurture our core values. We’re proud that many of our original employees have stayed with us to put into practice the same intention as those early days. In clean energy alone, our positively-charged changes and the “greening” of our electricity usage has cut greenhouse gas emissions to the tune of 71,961 metric tons – the same as taking 13,180 cars off the road or protecting 16,355 acres of forest.

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