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The Fashion Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Apparel News - 04/24/2018
Earth Day 2018 has come and gone, but a bunch of sustainable clothing designers are hosting events on what’s new in the sustainable clothing market during Fashion Revolution Week.
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SportsOneSource Transitions to SGB Media
Sports One Source - 07/21/2016
New site brings entire scope and depth of SGB Media content ? including SGB Updates, SGB Today, SGB Magazine and SGB Executive ? to one place on a modern and mobile-adaptive platform. ...
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Fox Racing Announces Title Sponsorship Of US Open of Mountain Biking      
Shop-Eat-Surf - 03/14/2018

Fox US Open of Mountain Biking is set for Aug. 1 – 5 at Killington Resort.


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How to Embrace Living Like a ‘Kidult’ Outdoors - Young author Nicole Booz shares her tips for breaking your "adulting" ways.
Transworld Business - 04/24/2018

“There’s a huge sense of freedom associated with being outside,” Nicole Booz, 27, tells ASN. Her forthcoming book “The Kidult Handbook” is based on content from her self-care-focused website GenTwenty. “You can image whole new worlds, not be on your phone, and when you have other people around there’s an opportunity for a huge bonding

The post How to Embrace Living Like a ‘Kidult’ Out...

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Cynthia Cook Brides, David Yurman & Vogue Celebrate Weddings
Vogue - 04/10/2017

Cynthia Cook Smith hosted 15 brides-to-be at the David Yurman boutique in Beverly Hills to showcase the wedding jewelry collection. Guests tried on pieces from three vignettes of jewelry and got advice from Cynthia on how to style for their upcoming wedding day.  

The post Cynthia Cook Brides, David Yurman & Vogue Celebrate Weddings appeared first on Vogue.

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West Coast Favorite Jenni Kayne Opens First Store in New York
The expansion coincides with the launch of home goods this autumn, as well as an overall business shift towards direct-to-consumer sales.
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Let's salute Bangladesh's progress since Rana Plaza
Just-Style - 04/23/2018
Five years ago, the Rana Plaza catastrophe made Bangladesh notorious - and turned our industry into a pariah. Today, our reaction to the catastrophe has helped Bangladesh become a beacon for how poor countries can pull themselves out of poverty and, in the process, transform human rights and gender equality. All through clothing exports to the West. You will probably never again help achieve an...
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Can Someone Please Explain Why Melania Trump Is Dressed Like Carmen Sandiego?!
Fashion - 04/24/2018

Melania Trump was photographed with the President and First Lady of France in an all-white ensemble today, as seen in the latest instalment of the “Donald Trump awkwardly tries to hold her hand” saga. First Lady #MelaniaTrump had another awkward hand-holding moment with husband #DonaldTrump as they welcomed the French president to the White House. […]

The post Can Someone Please Expla...

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7 Cool Girl Summer Street Style Outfits To Copy NOW
OC Style News - 04/24/2018

Summer Street Looks we're Loving

The post 7 Cool Girl Summer Street Style Outfits To Copy NOW appeared first on STYLE REPORT MAGAZINE.

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