Rip Curl

Costa Mesa, CA

About Rip Curl: Navigating Waves of Innovation

Established in 1969, Rip Curl has emerged as a global icon in surfing and lifestyle apparel. Originating on Australia's shores, Rip Curl embodies the spirit of adventure and the relentless pursuit of perfect waves.

Heritage and Vision:

Founded by Brian Singer and Doug "Claw" Warbrick in Torquay, Victoria, Rip Curl began as a response to the dearth of quality surfing products. Beyond being a brand, it created a culture centered on the ocean and the quest for an endless summer, fueling Rip Curl's evolution.

Innovation and Performance:

Rip Curl's commitment to innovation and performance is evident in its pioneering surfwear technology—from the first Australian wetsuit to cutting-edge GPS surf watches. It consistently pushes boundaries to enhance the surfing experience.

Global Reach:

Present in over 80 countries, Rip Curl has become a global force. The brand's international success is rooted in its ability to connect with surfers worldwide, providing products that align with their lifestyles.

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