Lightning Bolt

Los Angeles, CA


Rumors swirl about the origin of the Lightning Bolt Logo. Some say the Bolt was a graphic metaphor for a particularly strong strain of marijuana circulating the Hawaiian Islands in the late 1960s. Company co-founder Gerry Lopez fouls that off: “IT WAS ABOUT THE ENERGY.”

In 60s and into the 70s, Hawaiian surfers were energized by the Shortboard Revolution. In Hawaii, that meant mini-guns allowing surfers to boldly go where no surfers had gone before – deeper, faster, higher and lower: Deep into the gizzards of Pipeline, up high in the lip at Sunset, right into the Backdoor at Pipeline.

Today, the allure of the brand remains distinct and irreducible. Lightning Bolt continues to inspire a new generation of surfers, those who praise the original soul surfing values and who believe that surf is more than just a sport - it is a way of life. A cool and relaxed attitude, a soul surfer and a free rider state of mind. A Pure Source.

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