Drunk Elephant

Houston, TX

The name Drunk Elephant is rooted in a myth that says that elephants love to eat the fruit that has fallen from the Marula trees. Once eaten, fermentation occurs inside their very large tummies and the elephants become drunk!

Virgin Marula oil, straight from the "pip", can be found throughout our line. It is an oil that I believe is superior to ANY I’ve tried due to the high content of fatty acids and antioxidants. It soaks right in. I’m in love with it. The products are all safe, completely unscented and non-irritating. I hand-picked almost every ingredient in this line. There is no doubt about it, Drunk Elephant was developed with lots of care and love and a large dose of determination.

Drunk Elephant Skin Care represents what I would use on my own skin and what really works for me. It is safe, minimal, effective, and non-toxic, and I made sure that the key ingredients were added at the highest percentages possible for maximum efficacy.  I know I’ll be looking no further for the perfect skin care routine–for I have finally found it. I hope you will love the Drunk Elephant system; finding yourself looking forward to the ease of using it every day, getting real results and not wanting to be without it.

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