Novato, CA

Since 1774, Birkenstock has been dedicated to devising ways to enhance the lives of its customers as the inventor of the footbed. The company aims to provide excellent footwear options for a wide range of life's scenarios. In a consumer world primarily focused on low prices and flooded with inexpensive products manufactured in Asia in often unstable conditions, Birkenstock offers a viable alternative with its premium-quality goods, catering to individuals who prioritize both functionality and quality.

Birkenstock's commitment to excellence is evident through its decision to produce items in Germany, ensuring optimal conditions for its brand within its own production facilities, incorporating a significant amount of manual craftsmanship. Each sandal follows a meticulous process involving 17 distinct stages of work. Crafting a finished product for the enclosed Birkenstock models demands well over 100 intricate manual motions. For closed footwear, workshops in Portugal meticulously follow centuries-old traditions of manual artistry.

Whether employing manual techniques or industrial processes, all Birkenstock merchandise adheres to the highest global benchmarks in the footwear industry for quality. The company maintains uncompromising standards not only during material procurement (cork, natural latex, copper, brass, wool felt, and premium leather) but also throughout the production phases. Birkenstock's raw materials are responsibly sourced from sustainable natural reserves, with a preference for European suppliers whenever feasible.

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