686 Technical Apparel

Gardena, CA

For nearly three decades we’ve been developing, testing and engineering technical fabrications and laminations in apparel. Everything we do is based around innovation, people, purpose with the goal to build the best performance products with our active-minded community. We create products. We create community. We create experiences.

“When I started 686 in 1992, the plan was simple: Create the best products that allow you to enjoy the best experiences in winter on and off the mountain. The first ideals I wrote down where “provide more than they expect” and “average is not acceptable.” - Michael Akira West, Founder/CEO/Creative Director  

Fast forward 29 years and while so much has changed, so much has remained the same. As an independently operated brand, we continue to strive beyond expectations by constantly creating innovative products, encouraging a diverse and inclusive atmosphere, constantly improving our sustainability stance and giving back to our communities both locally and globally.

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