Logistics Coordinator


Irvine, CA


*Please apply directly to Stussy for this role.*

As a Logistics Coordinator, you will play a vital role in ensuring the smooth and timely movement and collection of goods from our global DC to our retail stores and distributors. You will be responsible for adhering to and developing the routing plans that optimize delivery efficiency, reduce transportation costs, and minimize lead times to achieve timely seasonal launch. Working closely with internal stakeholders and external partners, you will coordinate the booking of shipments and oversee the preparation and submission of essential commercial and compliance documentation to facilitate the smooth flow of goods through the supply chain.


• Collaborate with DTC and Wholesale account managers and distribution team to understand routing requirements for B2B and wholesale shipments.

• Liaise with 3PLs, wholesale customers and partner-operated retail stores or distributors to schedule and coordinate the booking of shipments.

• Work with global 3PLs and Freight Forwarders to optimize efficient transportation routes and delivery schedules, considering lead times, cargo volumes, and service level agreements.

• Prepare and manage essential commercial and compliance documentation, such as packing lists, invoices, Form E, and other trade and shipping documents.

• Coordinate the accurate and timely submission of documentation to regulatory authorities and customs agencies to ensure compliance with international trade regulations.

• Maintain organized records of all shipping documentation, ensuring accessibility for auditing and reference purposes.

• Stay updated on international trade regulations, customs requirements, and export/import compliance standards to ensure all shipments adhere to legal and regulatory guidelines.

• Work closely with Freight Forwarders and our legal council to address any documentation or regulatory issues that may arise during the routing process.

• Track the performance of routing plans and transportation providers, identifying opportunities for improvement and cost optimization.

• Generate regular reports on routing efficiency, transportation costs, and on-time delivery metrics to support informed decision-making and continuous improvement initiatives.

• Work closely with cross-functional teams, including sales, logistics, procurement, and finance, to ensure alignment in routing strategies and objectives.

• Partner with 3PLs, carriers, and freight forwarders to address any operational issues, documentation discrepancies, optimize routing solutions, and enhance transportation services.

• Foster positive working relationships with internal and external stakeholders, promoting effective communication and collaboration to achieve common distribution goals.


• Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, logistics, business, or a related field.

• Proven experience in distribution routing, transportation management, or logistics coordination, preferably in a B2B or wholesale environment within apparel.

• Strong knowledge of international trade regulations, customs procedures, and documentation requirements, with a focus on compliance in global logistics.

• Familiarity with shipping documentation, including packing lists, commercial invoices, certificates of origin, and other export/import paperwork.

• Proficiency in using TMS, logistics software, and ERP systems for routing and documentation management. Full Circle is a plus

• Excellent communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build and maintain effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders'.

• Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret data, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize distribution routing strategies.

• Detail-oriented approach to documentation management, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and adherence to compliance standards.

• Strong organizational skills and the ability to prioritize tasks in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

• Flexibility to adapt to changing priorities and willingness to collaborate across different functional areas within the organization.

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