Color Designer

Black Diamond - Holladay, UT

Posted: January 22nd, 2021


The color designer works under the direction of the Design Director. The color designer analyzes emerging color trends, stays current with outdoor sports color trends and strategies, and develops a perspective for product color at Black Diamond. This color designer creates and maintains color palettes, creates seasonal color stories for individual product categories and weaves those color stories together into a cohesive color vision for the brand. The color designer works closely with product design teams to apply color, collaborate with project stakeholders to meet the goals of product briefs, and works with product developers and vendors to ensure proper execution of color on a variety of materials. The color designer manages past, present, and future color palettes.

Further details specific to the role of Color Designer:

  • Create and maintain long term, mid-term and short-term color palettes.
  • Communicate color strategy with internal teams and leadership.
  • Organize and conduct color reviews and discussions according to the product design calendar.
  • Organize color library with a variety of actual materials from existing product line.
  • Assist in applying color to product design files to visibly communicate color strategy (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.).
  • Research and communicate color trends and seasonal color opportunities.

Essential Functions:

  • Work with the director of design to create and maintain seasonal, mid-term, and long-term color palettes for the Black Diamond product eco-system.
  • Analyze trends and color forecasts.
  • Create and present color strategies / color stories to internal teams - design, sales, marketing, management, etc.
  • Create seasonal color stories, mood boards, inspiration, etc.
  • Work with design teams across categories to create color merchandising strategies.
  • Present research and color stories both internally and externally.
  • Work closely with design teams and suppliers to ensure that samples, lab dips, etc achieve the intended color target.
  • Support the industrial design team in selection and application of color on a wide range of products.
  • Work with designers on product colorways, color blocking, trims, etc.
  • Work with designers on cohesive color strategies both within and across categories.
  • Understand application of color to different fabrics / materials.
  • Stay abreast of emerging trends in design, fashion, art, and other related areas and communicate these trends to design teams.
  • Organize color reviews and discussions according to season project calendars.
  • Travel domestically and internationally (post-Covid).
  • Fluent in Creative Suite software and MS office.



  • Preferred: Bachelor's degree in design or related field.

Work Experience:

  • Required: 2 or more years working in product design, graphic design, fashion design or another related field.
  • Preferred: 5 or more years working in any of the areas mentioned above with a focus on color and trend analysis and forecasting.

Skills and general experience:

  • Ability to analyze and identify trends in color and style then apply that information to creation of a cohesive and compelling color strategy and palette. Must also be adept at evaluating color across multiple projects each product season and ensuring that color is being used in a cohesive manner within the overall visual product strategy set forth by the director of industrial design.

Required licenses: drivers license, passport.

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