IT & Operations Producer

Buck Mason - Los Angeles, CA

Posted: August 10th, 2020


Administer and maintain hardware and software systems unique to Buck Mason, including Enterprise Resource Planning, Warehouse Management, Point of Sale, Security and Surveillance, Learning Management, and other systems alike. 


    • Be an administrator of all Buck Mason Systems, including but not limited to custom back-end solution “Pima”, Netsuite, Shopify, Microsoft Office, Google Manager, Adobe Creative Suite and others alike. 
    • Become the expert user of each Buck Mason System. 
    • Support colleagues in the use of their dedicated Systems.
    • Be the first line of support and troubleshooting for each System. 
    • Author and maintain SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) training material to smooth the daily workflow of Buck Mason users in the corporate office as well as retail stores. 
    • Advocate for internal users:
    • Play go-between with vendor support when problems can't be resolved internally. 
    • Create and follow-up on vendor support requests to achieve satisfaction.
    • Proactively determine future needs and do what it takes to remove roadblocks.
    • Help evaluate and select new systems to supplement or replace existing ones.
    • Support all areas of the business for IT, software and training needs


    • An associate-level degree in modern software and hardware systems, or equivalent experience
    • A strong interest in software functions and usability 
    • A perspective on pros and cons about software and hardware
    • A commitment to end user success
    • A detail-oriented mentality with a big-picture attitude
    • A strong work ethic; ability to manage self, initiate projects, identify root causes, setup processes and procedures, establish a check and balance for fail-safe, and training others effectively
    • Team-oriented approach; support others with IT and non-IT related projects, as needed


    • Recent training, degree or certification in any of the following:
    • Software development
    • Information technology administration and support
    • Customer or technical support
    • Math, science, accounting or other detail-oriented professional practice

About Buck Mason

Buck Mason was founded in 2013 by Sasha Koehn and Erik Allen, who were neighbors in Venice, California.

Initially, they set up shop in a 350 square foot garage off Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Sasha built the website and Erik created the brand’s first collection of jeans and tees. Obsessed with quality, they worked closely with a local family factory to create small batch production runs, crafting each piece using old school manufacturing techniques combined with modern technology.

An architectural approach to product

Buck Mason makes fashion less complicated, building each piece to last beyond a single season. Each design is a riff on an iconic American staple, combining to make a useful and effortless wardrobe. Consistency in fit, fabric and quality guide this hands on approach.