AI Developer

Isaac Morris Ltd

New York, NY


Please apply directly to Isaac Morris Ltd. for this role.

We are looking for a talented and innovative AI Developer to join our team and spearhead the integration of artificial intelligence solutions into our apparel wholesale operations. The successful candidate will be responsible for leveraging AI technologies to optimize various aspects of our business, enhance decision-making processes, and drive overall efficiency. If you have a passion for both AI and the apparel industry, and you're eager to contribute to cutting-edge technological advancements.


1. AI Solution Development:

- Design, develop, and implement AI-driven solutions to address business challenges in the apparel wholesale sector.

- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify opportunities for AI integration.

2. Data Analysis and Modeling:

- Work with large datasets to extract valuable insights and patterns.

- Build and deploy machine learning models to predict trends, demand, and inventory needs.

3. Process Optimization:

- Identify areas within the wholesale operations that can benefit from AI-driven process improvements.

- Streamline workflows and enhance overall efficiency through automation.

4. Recommendation Systems:

- Develop personalized recommendation systems for products based on customer preferences and market trends.

- Implement AI algorithms to optimize inventory management and pricing strategies.

5. Natural Language Processing (NLP):

- Explore and implement NLP techniques to enhance communication, customer support, and feedback analysis.

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Previous experience in the retail or wholesale apparel industry.

2. Familiarity with computer vision for applications like quality control and visual search.

3. Experience with deploying AI models in production environments.

4. Knowledge of reinforcement learning and optimization techniques.

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