Venice, CA


Onzie was born and bred in Venice Beach, CA, the epicenter of creativity and active living. Having our headquarters here makes it a badass place to develop our collections and an easy way for our team to practice the values we preach. We wear our gear in and out of the office, constantly testing the quality and performance of every garment we produce. If something isn’t perfect, we do everything in our power to fix it. By the time you get your Onzie goods, they’ve already met the highest standards. Plus, we keep our production local, with 99% of our sewing, cutting and dyeing happening in LA.

Did you know that Onzie is an independent, female owned and operated business? Meet Kimberly Swarth, Onzie’s fearless founder and CEO. A devoted yogi with a Masters in Movement Therapy, she’s the driving creative force behind our brand and collaborative company culture. And while you’re here, say hello to the rest of the Onzie team. Together, we strive to embody the power of the female spirit, every day. We support and challenge one another, putting our passion into our product and infusing creativity and movement into all we do. We’ve been known to hold dance offs and somatic stretch sessions before tackling strategy meetings and brainstorms. From our inception, we’ve made it a priority to support other small business owners and boutique fitness studios, both locally and across the globe. In fact, you’re likely to catch one of us in any number of these niche yoga, pilates, spinning or dance classes. It’s one of many reasons we’ve  cultivated a loyal following within these communities.