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At Lunya, we have reinvented sleepwear for the modern woman by designing clothes that perform in the bedroom. Our fabrics and features are engineered to keep women looking and feeling their best between the sheets.


In early 2012 I happened to glance at myself in the mirror as I headed to bed. The reflection looking back at me was wearing my husband's oversize T-shirt and boxer briefs... I reflected on this outfit choice and realized that I chose comfortable clothes but they didn’t make me feel good.  In many ways they illustrated how little time and energy I dedicated to myself.

I set out trying to find something that would be a better personal statement. Something that would be functional and flattering and help me recapture “me”. The “me” forgotten almost all day between errands, work, cooking, bills, organizing, school, kids, spouse, dog, etc. My choices were uncomfortable sexy lingerie or frumpy PJ's. None of these were “me”.

From that point on I was on a mission to make women look and feel fabulous. Looking great means design choices that are flattering and thoughtful about the needs of a woman's body and feeling great means crafting styles and utilizing materials that are mindful of the needs and wants of a sleeping person.

Lunya creates luxurious performance sleepwear thoughtfully designed to help you recapture the “me” in your life because there is nothing more beautiful and alluring than a woman embracing “me”.

-Ashley Merrill, Founder

Current Positions

Santa Monica, CA

ECommerce Website Director

August 9th, 2020

You are a problem solver who is ready to lead the digital product for a rapidly scaling ecommerce brand. Perhaps you’ve been the #2 in charge of website development on a successful DTC brand or led ecomm strategy and technical implementation for a brand within a larger company