Delta Galil

Los Angeles, CA


It all began in 1975, when Dov Lautman and Eliezer Peleg sat in a small coffee shop in northern Israel and crafted their vision of a “high tech company for men’s underwear” – a dream they would successfully turn into a reality. The first sewing and fabric factory, one of many to come, was set by the mountains of Galilee, near the growing city of Karmiel, where a mixed community of old and new immigrants from the surrounding area took part in creating what would later become one of the most successful textile manufacturing companies in the world.

Delta Galil is a multi-cultural, global corporation with strong social and environmental ideals. For decades, our focus has been on delivering quality apparel, while meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations – not only through the products they buy, but also by what these products represent.

We’re committed to creativity, innovation and growth, in a safe, healthy and supporting workplace; our corporate, social and environmental responsibilities aren’t seen as tasks, but as goals, and they are the foundation of our six core values.