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Rastaclat - Long Beach, CA

Posted: November 6th, 2018


Rastaclat is looking for a passionate, highly skilled Product Developer to bring our brand mission of Spreading Positivity to life. The Product Developer plays an important role in the creation of Rastaclat product and performs all necessary functions to take inline, seasonal and smu projects from concept, through sampling, to manufacturing production. The ideal candidate is part technical, part creative. They will be self-motivated, able to multi task, and have strong problem solving skills. Being well organized and detail oriented are essential for the fast paced environment. Interest in accessories, fashion, sports, sneakers and creative culture are a plus. This role requires daily written and oral communication between internal departments and international suppliers. Positive attitude is essential.


• Attend product concept and review meetings.
• Collaborate with designers to assist in hand-off of Rastaclat product tech packages.
• Review, update and dispatch tech packs projects to global suppliers. 
• Daily communication with suppliers on the status of existing projects.  
• Weekly updating and maintenance of product on development trackers.  
• Weekly updating and maintenance of project costing on cost charts and ‘Full Circle’ ERP System.
• Coordinate samples on time delivery of samples.
• Review products, update tech packages and send comments to supplier.
• Communicate project status and photographs through internal ‘Basecamp’ and ‘Monday’ project management systems.
• Coordinate samples: including organization, setting up for meetings and archiving.
• Coordinate samples for other teams including sales, marketing and photography.
• Manage and set up products and product information in Full Circle system.
• Deliver projects on time to meet key milestones according to production calendar.

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About Rastaclat

Rastaclat® (rah-stuh-claht): the cloth of the righteous.

A brand founded in Long Beach, California from the roots of the action sports, art, music, and street culture. Rastaclat® is dedicated to the spirit of Spreading Positive Vibrations® encouraging individual style, a sense of positivity and freedom of expression. We strive to build timeless and innovative accessories inspired by our every day lives while embracing all cultures throughout our planet. We yield great pride in our hand made accessories and uncompromisable quality designed here in the United States of America.

Embraced by many – wear it loud, wear it proud! RASTACLAT®