Senior SFCC (Demandware) Developer

Nixon - Encinitas, CA

Posted: October 10th, 2018



The Senior SFCC (Salesforce Commerce Cloud) Developer is member of the e-Commerce Development team that works on small and large ecommerce/digital projects and initiatives including global websites in the US, Europe, AsiaPac + Japan. In addition to being responsible for developing high performance solutions on the Salesforce platform, the Senior SFCC Developer will be working on in-house development initiatives and providing insight in business analysis, conducting needs assessments, performing root cause analysis, and assisting in key functions involving requirement gathering with internal stake holders. This is full-time hands-on role and requires strong web development skills. This position reports to Director of Web Development & Architecture and works side by side with other Web Developers, Content Developers and QA Engineering; he/she will be part of full development lifecycle. He/she will work at a global level including, but not limited to, the flagship sites Nixon.com and AdidasWatches.com (across all regions, globally) to develop and deploy solutions. As the primary, Senior-level development resource he/she will help drive best practices in general software development and specific to SFCC Site Genesis. Additionally he/she will be acting as the coding lead for Front-End development within the cross-functional team. He/she will be responsible for juggling a variety of deliverables in a timely manner to feed a growing and dynamic direct to consumer business.

The Senior SFCC Developer is responsible to implement (i.e. design, develop, unit test) technical solutions for web applications based on functional requirements and technical specifications. He/she should be capable of mentoring software engineers and maintaining high quality standards. He/she is responsible to collaborate with product owners and stakeholders, establish goals and set clear expectations, prioritize and bring a finished product across the finish line. He/she should have strong sense of ownership and accountability with a commitment to delivering high quality software that balances technical and business goals. He/she needs to have excellent written and verbal communication skills with an ability to communicate with a variety of audiences at all levels.


  • Implement (i.e., design, develop, unit test) technical solutions for web applications based on functional requirements and technical specifications.
  • Adhere to project scope and timelines with an Agile approach.
  • Support and maintain online, ecommerce applications.
  • Implement reliable and scalable web application solutions and e-Commerce applications using the SFCC (Demandware) platform.
  • Should be able to design and develop Demandware Cartridges which includes developing Pipelines, ISMLs and Scripts that meet the business requirements.
  • Integrate third party LINK cartridges into applications.
  • Add customer attributes to system objects and custom site preferences in business manager.
  • Create slots and slot configurations, resource bundles, DW Webservices, Checkout flow, import and export feeds.
  • Ability to work on Webflow, integration and Service framework, Payments, Business Manager, multi-currency and localization.
  • Have the ability to work as an individual contributor as well as a member of a development team, the DTC team and a broader cross-functional team.
  • Multitask and manage multiple small-to-large size projects ensuring all projects are completed with quick turn-around and a high level of attention to detail.
  • Understand the visual design and UX/UI treatments for new and existing online experiences across viewports in desktop and mobile (web and app); must be able to develop solutions for cross browser and viewports using responsive web design.
  • Multitask and manage multiple small-to-large size projects ensuring all projects are completed with quick turn-around and a high level of attention to detail.
  • Work collaboratively and iteratively with stakeholders, designers, and developers, to execute and deliver a flawless end solution.
  • Stays abreast of any industry-wide changes in design philosophy and any new tools and technologies being used for Salesforce commerce cloud platform.
  • Review code written by other team members.
  • Continue to develop technical skills and learn new technologies as needed.


This position has interaction with many areas of Nixon and requires communication, collaboration and relationship-building skills with internal stake holders. This role interacts closely with the Site Managers, Creative Studio team, Digital Marketing Team and outside development agency as well as other internal members that contribute to ecommerce projects and deliverables.


  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science degree or related field
  • 5+ years practical experience in software engineering and application architecture.
  • 3+ years of experience in eCommerce industry preferred
  • Knowledge of best practices in experience design and development of e-Commerce websites.
  • Ability to understand complex software problems and provide solutions
  • A solid understanding of web architecture principles and MVC pattern?
  • Experience working with multi-site is preferred?
  • Creative problem solving, communication skills, and decision-making skills?
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work well under pressure?
  • A strong aesthetic sense and excellent attention to detail?
  • Ability to carry out a concept from start to completion and work independently?
  • Multi-tasking: execute more than one design brief at a time
  • Global experience is a plus


  • 3+ years’ experience in implementing Demandware/Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions
  • Understand architectural principles and coding patterns of Site Genesis
  • Have deep working knowledge JavaScript Controllers and Pipelines
  • Possess strong front-end engineering skills (HTML, CSS, SASS, JS)
  • Experience in working and executing build scripts using ANT, Grunt/Gulp
  • Deep understanding of how Order, Promotions, Price Books, Shipping methods, Site Preferences and Administration functions work in Business Manager.
  • Understand Import/Export of various objects in Business Manager
  • Utilized SFCC Integration and Service framework to write custom code.
  • Performed troubleshooting techniques and Root cause analysis
  • Implemented link cartridges like Payment, API, Content integration.
  • Proficient in Development Tool like Eclipse/ Visual Studio or similar tool
  • Worked on in-bound and outbound using integration framework
  • Developed customization for Custom Objects, Content, Products and Catalogs, Search, Ordering, Analytics, Site Preferences, etc.
  • Used restful services and SOAP for integration
  • Comprehensive knowledge and experience of using git/bitbucket and perform code merge 
  • Performed code merge and write unit-test cases
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