Human Resources Manager

RipCurl - Costa Mesa, CA

Posted: September 13th, 2016


Job description

Main Purpose and Major Challenges of the Role

The Human Resources Manager is responsible for the overall administration and coordination of the human resource function for Rip Curl North America. The role manages and coordinates employment, compensation and payroll, employee relations, benefits and employee services. 


Role Accountabilities


Human Resources Administration 


  • Assist managers in the hiring of new staff, including job descriptions and advertisements, placing of ads and the arrangements for appointments for interviews. 
  • Management of HR administration including position descriptions, policies, organisational chart, letter of offers, employee inductions, etc. 
  • Administration of the performance appraisal process 
  • Ensures legal compliance by monitoring and implementing applicable human resource federal and state requirements; conducting investigations; representing the organization at hearings. 
  • Maintains historical human resource records by designing a filing and retrieval system; keeping past and current records. 
  • Develops, recommends and implements personnel policies and procedures; prepares and maintains handbook on policies and procedures. 
  • Contracts with outside suppliers to provide employee services, such as temporary employees or search firms. 





  • Process the payroll for each pay period in Paylocity. 
  • Manage the relationship with the external payroll processing vendor (Paylocity). 
  • Ensure and monitor vacation and employee leave of absences are processed and controlled. 
  • Ensure timely provision of tax certificates each year. 
  • Manages the administration of direct compensation (executive, exempt and non-exempt), for corporate and retail staff. 
  • Annually updates compensation program, conducts annual salary surveys, analyses compensation. 



Benefits Administration 


  • Maintain and administer employee benefits programs. 
  • Informs employees of benefits; coordinating the processing of benefit claims. 
  • Recommend benefit programs to management and assist in obtaining and evaluating benefit contract bids. 
  • Conduct open enrolment for employee’s annual health care coverage elections. 
  • Investigates accidents and prepares reports for insurance carrier. 



Employee Relations 


  • Advises management in appropriate resolution of employee relations issues. 
  • Provide assistance to managers in documenting and terminating employment relationships. 
  • Prepares employee separation notices and related documentation and conducts exit interviews to determine reasons behind separations. 
  • Coordinates internship programs. 



Event Organization 


Chiefly responsible for all event management at the RCU office, including; 

  • Organize accommodations and meals for Product Management meetings 
  • Organize staff lunches for events (visitors, celebrations, updates etc) 
  • Work with HR/Sales on company functions and social calendars 
  • Make RCU a fun place to work, coming up with innovative idea’s to better engage our staff. 
  • Assist international travel and logistics for Board meetings, Search CT’s, G5 meetings or other similar significant events held in the USA. 


Essential Qualities

  • Attention to detail; proactive approach to work, and adherence to multiple deadlines with competing priorities 
  • Excellent organizational skills; ability to multi-task, prioritize, and adapt to various situations 
  • Effective oral and written communication skills; ability to work with international offices in a positive manner 
  • Good judgment and analytical abilities; ability to cope with pressure 
  • Strong computer skills, must be efficient in Excel. 
  • Ability to work effectively and cooperatively with fellow co-workers 
  • Committed to maintaining high personal ethics and standards 
  • Discrete and confidential 


Qualification & Experience Requirements

-     Similar work experience in equal roles 

-     Administrative background 

-     Paylocity experience is a huge plus.

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About RipCurl

In The Beginning...
The year: 1969. A man called Armstrong is about to walk on the moon.
(In fact, the day he does so, Bells Beach is ten foot and near perfect. Two Torquay locals, Charlie Bartlett and Brian Singer, surf their brains out before going home to watch the other momentous event on black and white TV.)

In Australia, surfing is at a curious stage of its development. The “short board revolution” of 1967 has created a frenzy of experimentation in surfboard design and surfing technique.

In the cool climate of Victoria, sanity prevails in design and technique, if not in the temperaments of the surfers. The cold, always a great leveller, has created a hardy breed of surfer who has no time for the hoopla and hype of the glitter beach capitals of the world. And by 1969 these like-minded souls have begun to gravitate towards the equally no-frills seaside town of Torquay, just a couple of kilometres away from Bells Beach, home of some of the most challenging waves in Australia.

And it is into this environment that Doug “Claw” Warbrick and Brian “Sing Ding” Singer decide to pitch their fledgling surf company, Rip Curl. And yes, it will be called Rip Curl.

Rip Curl Surfboards did well in a highly competitive market which had opened up in response to the revolution in design. Pioneers like Gordon Woods and Barry Bennett in Sydney and George Rice in Victoria had been joined by hundreds of wide-eyed hopefuls operating, like Rip Curl, out of garages and tool sheds.

In many cases enthusiasm and innovation overshadowed technical expertise and quality, but Rip Curl concentrated on producing a small number of functional surfcraft for local waves.

In 1970, however, Warbrick and Singer made the decision which changes forever the nature of their fledgling company. Looking at the essential needs of their fellow surfers in cold-water Victoria, they see that one – a board to ride – is being serviced by too many companies, while the other – a wetsuit to keep out the cold – is being serviced by only two, one of whom makes wetsuits for divers and has only a marginal commercial interest in surfing.

Rip Curl took over an old house in Torquay and the partners made a small investment in a pre-World War II sewing machine. They put together a crew of locals and went into production, cutting out the rubber on the floor and handing the pieces to an over-worked and underpaid machinist.

By today’s standards, the prototype Rip Curl wetsuits were primitive, but they differed from others on the market in that they evolved through interaction with  surfers.

The people who ran the company were – and still are – the test pilots. There can be no more direct line of communication...